The Mystery of Dr. Sha

Last fall, John Chitty, a man I know in Boulder, was diagnosed with stage 4 prostate cancer. His PSA score was 266! (Most doctors consider a normal score to be 4 or below) The cancer had metastasized to his bones and lungs with tumors “too numerous to count.” His prognosis, obviously, was dire.

Because John founded and heads the Colorado School of Energy Studies, he launched a full-out campaign to heal himself, doing everything he knew or learned about to make his body inhospitable to cancer. He ate only greens and seeds, had coffee enemas and oxygen treatments and took supplements too numerous to count.

A friend brought him to a talk by Dr. Zhi Gong Sha, who has an MD in western medicine from Xi’an JiaoTong University, was named Qigong Master of the Year in 2002 by the World Congress on Qigong, and is a Grandmaster of Taoist healing. That meeting would dramatically affect the course of John’s illness.

Dr. Sha

John had no symptoms except frequent urination. At the talk, Dr. Sha demonstrated his treatment on John and the next morning, John says, urination was back to normal. Dr. Sha had offered John free tuition at a 10-day workshop, so John dropped everything and left for 10 days of nonstop Taoist practices and more healing from Dr. Sha. Shortly afterward, when John was tested again, his PSA score was…. Want to guess?

John told me: “It’s 1.4.” His oncologist called this “remarkable,” and x-rays of his lungs showed the tumors were all shrinking.

How had this happened? John had been taking hormones that block testosterone and was also doing dozens of natural interventions. (For a list, click here) But he feels Dr. Sha’s healing was a “huge factor” in his improvement.

A few months later, when I was in Hawaii, my sister, Terry, told me Dr. Sha was coming to Honolulu. Terry had recently developed four lumps on her thyroid — diagnosed as “multi-nodular goiter.” The doctor told her it would not go away through diet or medication and they would watch it for six months, hoping it would not grow larger.

Since Terry needed healing and I was curious to see Dr. Sha, we each paid $100 for his Soul Healing Day at the Ilikai Hotel. I’ve never seen anyone work like Dr. Sha. When he demonstrates on Angelika Carmona, who has just been diagnosed with breast cancer, he makes sharp movements with his arms, stomps his foot and yells so loudly that I jump: “Trans-mission!” He asks everyone in the room to point to Angelika, shake their hands rapidly and chant phrases like, “Divine treasures, heal her!”

Angelika does not wish to receive radiation or chemotherapy. Dr. Sha asks two MD’s who’re attending the workshop, a professor at the University of Hawaii medical school and a retired surgeon, to palpate Angelika’s tumor. They describe it as 4 cm, hard and immovable. For the next four hours, Dr. Sha chants, sings, yells, swings his arms, calls on the divine and urges the group to chant and shake their hands rapidly. He takes off his suit jacket and wipes sweat from his face. Looking around, I feel like I’m at a mass faith healing.

Dr. Sha asserts that the cause of all sickness is karma—the effects of deeds from this life and past ones—and that if he can clear the bad karma, the person will get well because the soul has been healed. He tells us a curse has been placed on Angelika’s breast by someone she harmed in a past life. He sees “dark souls” in Angelika’s body and gives the command for them to leave. “Trans-mission!” Moments later, he says, “Dark souls are gone!” People applaud.

I must acknowledge that I’m an agnostic when it comes to reincarnation, let alone dark souls and curses. I don’t believe, literally, that we go through life again and again in different bodies, although I can entertain the concept as a metaphor. As for karma, something feels intuitively right about “what goes around comes around,” but how that works exactly is, to me, a mystery.

At the Ilikai Hotel, I can’t say if dark souls have been exorcised from Angelika’s body, but the two M.D.’s who examine her report that the tumor has shrunk to 1.5 cm and is soft and pliable. Angelika looks flushed and radiant, smiling with tears in her eyes.

When I describe this later to Donald Abrams, MD, an integrative oncologist who’s chief of oncology at San Francisco General Hospital, he says, “It would be better if they’d done an MRI or other scan before and after Dr. Sha’s treatment to provide objective evidence.” When I tell this to Angelika, she says she had three MRI’s before seeing Dr. Sha but won’t have any more radiation because it’s harmful to the immune system. She’s using Dr. Sha’s healing techniques herself and will have a thermography test on April 19. “I think I can get it out of my system completely by then,” she says.

Dr. Sha tells people at the workshop that after a break, he’ll clear karma, remove curses and heal sicknesses. After he leaves the room, an assistant makes the pitch: $1,000 to clear karma, $500 to remove a curse and $500 to heal an illness. “This is cheap,” the assistant says, explaining that people who have cancer could be charged hundreds of thousands for western medical treatment. He adds, “How can you put a price on clearing karma?” Dr. Sha tells me later that he’s been guided to charge “honor fees” because “people have a spiritual debt they need to honor.” So here’s my question: You can see and feel if a healing produces results, but how can you tell if karma truly has been cleared?

Since I had no illness, I decided to leave then but Terry stayed to have her goiter healed. The next morning, she called and said, “It’s amazing — the nodules are gone.” She and her husband couldn’t find the largest nodule that they’d had no trouble finding before, although she still felt soreness in her throat. She’s eager to see what her tests will show in six months.

I find Dr. Sha a consummate paradox. He’s extremely generous and he’s constantly selling. He gave my friend John free treatments and tuition, while others paid more than ten thousand for his services. In his books he teaches you to clear your own karma, but if you attend one of his soul healing days, he’ll do it for you and says that works fastest. He speaks about dark souls and curses yet his work is producing results that are palpable. People say he’s healed them of blindness, deafness and tumors, yet others have died. Dr. Sha acknowledges, “Nothing works 100% of the time.”

After spending three days around him, what I can say is that I feel an expansion of love and a resolve to serve more. Returning to the place I’m renting in Kailua, I picked up an old book, “The Golden Bough,” and came across a passage that was uncannily similar to what I witnessed with Dr Sha. It describes a small village in Indonesia where, when sickness ravages the population, they build a boat and everyone fills it with whatever they can offer — rice, tobacco, eggs. They take the boat to the sea, push it off and watch until it disappears from sight. Then the leader cries out: “The sicknesses are now gone, vanished, expelled, and sailed away!” Everyone cheers.



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77 thoughts on “The Mystery of Dr. Sha

  1. Beauregard

    Please make sure to follow up in six months and one year. While it's true the power of the human mind and body surpasses our understanding, it's also true that people facing horrible disease often fall prey to medicine men.
    “If your mother says she loves you, check it out.”
    I hope for the best for your loved ones and you.

  2. Victory's Vision

    It is amazing how people take their religious prejudice shield off at times. Man is a faith being. Your belief can kill you or heal you. The people in this story never considered it was their belief that put them into the condition in the first place.
    I read a book by the late Norman Cousins, The Healing Heart. The forward in the book had a story about a young intern that had a patient with a bad heart valve which made her ankles swell. The head doctor, with all the interns in tow, checked the patient and stated out loud that this woman has T.S., (Tricuspid Stenosis). The woman BELIEVED the head doctor meant TERMINAL SYMPTOMS. After the head doctor left the patient began to go into cardiac arrest. No matter what the young intern told her she would not believe him because he did not have the education or knowledge of the head doctor. The woman died.
    The young intern became the head of the cardiology dept. and decided to tell each heart attack patient he saw in the emergency room that they would live. He saw that as half the treatment.

  3. Ilene Marder

    I live in Woodstock, so I really should take this withOUT a grain of salt! But I'd be more comfortable if we had some real percentages of people healed long-term and those who don't make it.
    I agree the mind is the most potent healing force we have, but…hmmmmm, believing this is a challenge.

  4. Anonymous

    I believe our minds and bodies are miracles, and have to give the Divine credit for this. That said, there are charlatans out there and we must be watchful. There are also miracles.
    Cee Howard

  5. Bruce Nygren

    Somehow, the only problem I'm having is the good doctor's own explanation of what's going on. My experience with powerful beings is that, while powerful,their intellectual understanding of what is occurring is very often lacking, and sometimes self-serving.
    Just because he says it's about clearing karma doesn't make it so. The explanation doesn't have to be correct for the treatment to work.

  6. Attila

    I have seen him. Several friends have seen him. I think he is something of a con artist. He offers something perhaps, but he digs deep into your wallet after wooing you with free events, books, etc.
    The Sha treatments for me did nothing whatsoever.
    Muscle testing him with Dr Hawkins Map of Consciousness– it's a powerful negative.

  7. Ruslan

    Wow! Nothing succeeds like success. So if Dr. Sha's treatments work for your friend and your sister, that's significant. Anyway, in this world of diversity, one person's horseshit is another's compost. As the Indonesians say, “Bagaimana nanti.” (“Let's see how things stand later.”) Pragmatism rules: Results first, explanations down the road, if ever.

    Ren Feldman, Boulder

  8. Sara Davidson

    Thanks for your incredible comments.
    Peter, when placebos work, they show that the body (with or without the mind's involvement)has the capacity to heal itself. That's what Dr. Weil asserts in “Spontaneous Healing.” So be happy for placebos.
    Bruce, what you said about explanations is startling and true. Because words can't express the ineffable. Which is why I agree with Ren: Results first, explanations later.
    AND, I will follow up w. these folks in 6 months and a year.

  9. Margaret Pevec

    I appreciate your reporting on Dr. Sha, especially listing the paradoxes, and expressing your own skepticism. I have been a student of alternative healing since I encountered Caroline Myss's lectures in 1995 (her first was “Why People Don't Heal and How They Can”). Although I DO believe in reincarnation (it explains so much), but don't really resonate with the idea of karma; and generally am open to hearing about everything and don't feel a need to have firm opinions, I find it refreshing to be given new information without the hype, either for or against it. Dr. Sha is out there. He's doing something. People are paying for it. And maybe I will too, should it come to that. Or maybe I'll just decide not to do anything; to just let go and count this lifetime as sufficient, whenever my body says “enough is enough.” I think energy medicine is here to stay and grow. Caroline Myss described herself as a medical intuitive in 1995, and said “in 10 years, this will not sound strange.” She was right, at least for people who are following the trend. It's exciting, confusing, and truly makes life interesting to know about people like John of God and Dr. Sha. I hope you'll continue reporting on your sister and your friend's process; and don't dump the skepticism!

  10. Anonymous

    Joao of God, the Brazilian faith healer…I wonder how this guy is with back pain? Did anyone have that?
    BTW, keep in mind that there is NO radiation from an MRI. A CT scan does involve a substantial amount, and an x-ray much less, but some. Sorry to be such a know-it-all.

  11. Ann

    Hi Sara, what a wonderful story. I have heard of persons like Dr. Sha.

    I wish I were home in Honolulu to see him (and you) in person, but I'm in Washington, DC doing Stop the War protests.

  12. michele

    What do the Muslims say: Trust Allah but tie up your camel? For me, I go within for healing, answers & to set my compass. In dealing w/illness I've sometimes prayed real hard for help & just as often I've trusted doctors when that felt like the correct approach. I don't see karma as necessarily negative but as a chance to grow & change.

  13. Anonymous

    The human mind is a very powerful thing. I have seen people believe themselves well for a period of time – sometimes a very long time but eventually we all do end. Believe.
    Perhaps that is what he is offering. The traditional oncology system is very very terrifying and moves rapidly from one treatment to the next – a bustling hive of activity where the patient and their family are bewildered at what is happening. Perhaps this intense positive experience is a refreshing alternative to what is often presented as an intrusive yet foregone conclusion. As Christopher Hitchens mentions – there is no stage 5. Believe.

  14. Shunya

    You certainly voiced many of the experiences I had on first meeting Doctor Sha, and even continue to have. I have no doubt that many of these thoughts and feelings are very common.

    I wonder often if they have much to do with my very California upbringing, which is very different than that of people I have met who were raised in China. This difference often seems to lead to seeing the world in very different ways.

    What I have experienced is that moving past my own discomforts, to find the essence of what Doctor Sha has to share, has accelerated my spiritual journey tremendously. According to my clients, it has made me an exponentially better healer, and as many friends have pointed out to me, has made me a better person.

    Institute for Soul Healing & Enlightenment

  15. janatd33

    Fellow detectives in the healing mystery: we have clues, that's all! I specialize in working with the psyches of people with physical illness and pain: a former Esalen employee, I'm now a psychotherapist in Boulder with a doctorate and have studied alternative healings, including my own, since 1978. I've worked with lots of folks with M.S. among other illnesses. Here are 3 comments on the cases above:
    a. It's a fascinating mystery:
    Ultimately all there is, is energy in various forms, so energy healing makes sense. And I've experienced one Phillipino psychic surgery that ended up being a pricey joke, so beware. While there's hard evidence for some energy healings, it's not simple: we know that placebo effect works 1/3 of the time in medicine. Contrary to new age doctrine, it's not simply about belief: infants and animals getting vaccinations or antibiotics have no belief in the treatments. The more open minded and rigorous research we can get on guys like John of God and all the other thousands of significant energy healers, the more we can make sense of when, how, for how long, and why such things work.The International Society for the Study of Subtle Energies and Energy Medicine(ISSSEEM) in Denver has for 20 years been putting more hard science study into energy healings than anyone. Boulder psychologist Carol Schneider is one of the founders.
    b. Yes, there's seems to be an odd mix in urban Asian culture today of selflessness and entrepreneurship.
    c. Angelika doesn't want any more radiation because it's harmful to the immune system; but MRI's are not radiation, they work by magnets.
    Here's to the Mystery!
    Charles Horowitz, Ph.D.

  16. Grace

    Certainly skeptical to this, but on the other hand – who's to say? I read an interesting book called “The Way of the Explorer” by Edgar Mitchell, a former astronaut that may be familiar to some here. He encountered two people who changed his perception of what is possible in the realm of physical healing, and as I read his story – I was having a hard time believing he was just “out there”. So whether Dr. Sha genuinely has tapped into healing powers or not, who's to say? I probably fall into the arena of the more skeptical people though….

  17. Anonymous

    I once heard a spiritual teacher respond to a question about healing by saying that the deepest healing was to realize that there was nobody there to be healed.

    Now this may seem like a extreme viewpoint but it begs a really fundamental question of identity, who are we really?

    If your answer is spirit or essence, consciousness or awar- ness, does this Consciousness or awareness or essence or whatever you want to call it get sick or dis-eased?

    And if so, how so?

    My experience with my own body's health and working w/others in the healing field for over twenty years lead me to believe that consciousness can easily get misled and start believing it's something that it's not, like exclusively and primarily a body/mind.
    Then this body/mind has karma and past lives that have to be healed and cleared and balanced and aligned and on and on and on.

    There's a whole industry out there ready to sell you all of that.

    I'm all for taking care of the body and even being curious about things I don't understand but I'm not interested at all about buying into new age belief system (based on ancient healing belief systems) carte blanch. Flat out, it's what I would call superstition.

    Thanks Sara for an interesting dialogue on healing

    A New Age healing heretic

  18. Anonymous

    Sarah, I suppose usless one experiences these miraculous healings one remains leary or sceptical. Often times when a person has exhausted the options such as radiation and kemotherapy they surrender to things they have not tried. I respect each decison one makes in reference to his or her beliefs. Why do we cast judgement on ourselves and others so instantaneously. Would it not be an more lovely and loving to respect each others right to make decisions. I have personally experienced very amazing healings. The first by Sai Babba who appeared to me and removed two deliberating injured areas of my body. I also asked to be healed of a childhood trauma and he told me to go to John of God of Brazil. I received an open heart spiritual intervention from John of God at the Omeaga Institute in Reinbeck, NY. I have been hugely impacted by both and never was there a moment throughout it all that I doubted, that is my experience and I don't expect anyone to believe me or do I impose my beliefs on anyone who is sick and requires care. I love and respect each persons decision and allow them to be themselves and don't we all wish that love could be unconditional in nature for all of us. I have said my peace.

  19. val321

    I have read Dr. Sha's “Soul Wisdom I” and it was an extremely intense book about the soul and how we need to live and believe in our soul. If you are agnostic this concept would be difficult to understand. I think it would be interesting to meet Dr. Sha. If you are a religious person and are open to other religious thoughts the book is worth reading.

  20. Sharon

    Like you, Sara, I'm an agnostic. Although I know that much is unavailable to my five senses, I don't readily believe that all who claim access are speaking truth. I am glad to hear of the healings you mention. Hopefully, those healed will have continued good health.

  21. Susan Schwartz

    I take it like this: for all of its
    insights,Western medicine has very little understanding of how the body works. And even less what it is/may be capable of. The healing rates on chemo/radiation are not that great, but people follow those treatments because we know that poison kills cancer cells. (Along with everything else.)If Western med was Dr. Sha, we'd say, his results were unreliable. As for selling/ generosity…why shouldn't he be paid for his services? See what it costs to spend 4 hours in the emergency room…let alone overnight in the hospital. I'm not saying I'm ready to turn my back on the Western approach..but I think “alternative” medicine has a lot more going for it than we give it credit for. And saying it's all
    voodoo is just another way of saying we don't understand why it works. Duh.

  22. Susan Schwartz

    I take it like this: for all of its
    insights, Western medicine has very little understanding of how the body works. And even less what it is/may be capable of. The healing rates on chemo/radiation are not that great, but people follow those treatments because we know that poison kills cancer cells. (Along with everything else.)If Western med was Dr. Sha, we'd say, his results were unreliable. As for selling/ generosity…why shouldn't he be paid for his services? See what it costs to spend 4 hours in the emergency room…let alone overnight in the hospital. I'm not saying I'm ready to turn my back on the Western approach..but I think “alternative” medicine has a lot more going for it than we give it credit for. And saying it's all
    voodoo is just another way of saying we don't understand why it works. Duh.

  23. Anonymous

    Fascinating stuff and can I recommend to anyone author UK Allegra Taylor's 1987 book 'I Fly Out With Bright Feathers' (The Quest of a Novice Healer). Taylor had an interesting natural healing experience and then traveled the world to see how faith healers (USA), psychic surgeons in the Philippines, someone in Australia etc. A great read – Robin Katz

  24. Anonymous

    as Carol Eastman once said
    “life is a karmic penal colony”
    paying someone to clear your karma is an ancient tradition for the moneyed, who sometimes do not have time to carry out the practices for clearing karma themselves. The smoke offering practice called Riwo Sangchod comes to mind. Good to do daily, in the am
    and it is fun, too

  25. irv thomas

    First of all, what is so special about skepticism? I mean, people either seem proud of it, or think they're protected by it, or somehow feeling they are better off for it . . . they seem to wear it, here, like a badge of honor.

    For my own part, I'd prefer to be free of it. It's just another belief system. Which is the entire problem here: belief systems. One of your commenters notes: “infants and animals getting vaccinations or antibiotics have no belief in the treatments” [ventured to show that belief isn't responsible for healing]. What's not noted, however, is that infants and animals have no dis-belief, either.

    The mind's fixations — including skepticism — are the essential problem. Being OPEN: open to as much as possible, is the most effective way to live. In just about every sphere.

  26. mala41

    Wow Sarah, you sure have a fascinating blog.
    It seems that there is just no way to predict who the responders to treatment will be. Confidence, hope, and leaving no stone unturned do not seem to make a difference. Have you ever read Grace and Grit?

  27. Sara Davidson

    What great and provocative comments!

    Mala, yes, I've read Grace and Grit. It's the only one of Ken Wilber's books I've been able to read, because it comes from the heart, not the mind. You're right, sometimes nothing seems to work. All one can say is that it was that person's time to go. Other times, miracles happen. It's all a mystery, isn't it?

    Irv, I love what you wrote about skepticism being just another belief system. I heartily concur.

  28. Anonymous

    I wish I could pass this along to some of my friends but I'm afraid they['ll think I'm crazy to believe this. I say if it works, so what!

    Just one error I spotted: MRIs do not emit radiation, that's cat scans that do plus x-rays, of course.

  29. Charles Horowitz, Ph.D.

    I've studied alternative healings, including my own, since 1978 and I specialize in working with the psyches of people with serious physical illness and pain; I'm a psychotherapist with a doctorate. Here are my comments on the cases above:
    a. It's a fascinating mystery:
    First, regarding arguments for and against the possibility of such authentic healings, I would say that just because we've no proof or understanding does not mean it is, or isn't, so. We thought the world was flat and still until a few centuries ago. Germ theory was not known until 1850; physicians did not wash their hands! Yet penicillin was used for infections for a few thousand years, i.e. in ancient Greece and China, before we understood it biologically, and it worked. It came in the form of blue bread mold, you will see if you Google it's history. Likewise, these energy healings may or may not work, and we don't yet know why or when.
    Ultimately all there is, is energy in various forms, so energy healing makes sense. And I've experienced one Phillipino psychic surgery that ended up being a pricey joke, so beware: charlatans do exist, psychic healers may be real, and it's hard to impossible to discern who is what. While there's hard evidence for some energy healings, it's not simple: we know that placebo effect works 1/3 of the time in medicine. Contrary to new age doctrine, it's not simply about belief: infants and animals getting vaccinations or antibiotics have no belief in the treatments. The more open minded and rigorous research we can get on guys like John of God and all the other thousands of significant energy healers, the more we can make sense of when, how, for how long, and why such things work. The International Society for the Study of Subtle Energies and Energy Medicine(ISSSEEM) in Denver appears to have been putting more hard science study into energy healings than anyone for 20 years. Boulder psychologist Carol Schneider is one of the founders.
    Also, if you're interested in pursuing this direction locally, google the Boulder Camera's 12/15/10 article, “Where soul meets body.” There are 4 “intuitive healers” profiled there who I met at a meeting regarding setting up a possible conference on “the truth about quantum physics and healing.” All I can say from that administrative meeting is that they were kind and sincere.
    The bottom line is, what works? If I was told I had an inoperable brain tumor by a number of Western doctors and they said there was nothing to help me, I'd see John of God in Brazil. It'll cost $2K, and it might work! You don't know. I've heard a mix of reports directly from people who've seen him: some healed miraculously, some not.
    b. Yes, there's seems to be an odd mix in urban Asian culture today of selflessness and entrepreneurship.
    c. Angelika doesn't want any more radiation because it's harmful to the immune system; but MRI's are not radiation, they work by magnets.
    Here's to the Mystery and to healing!
    Charles Horowitz, Ph.D.

  30. nobody's fool

    MRIs use magnetic resonance, if I'm not mistaken; they don't give out radiation. So they're “safe” in that respect.

    The mind is powerful and it's full of things we don't remember or know how to use. Anything that assists us to unlock what we already know (like how to heal ourselves) is a good thing.

    I can understand charging for this service — everyone's gotta eat — but exorbitant pricing seems like bad karma in itself.

  31. nobody's fool

    One more thing, after reading Mr. Chitty's list of things he's taking, I noted the testosterone hormone blocker he's taking is Lupron. For the record, if nothing has changed, Lupron is FDA-approved only for this purpose: shrinkage of the prostate.

    However, it has been widely used in WOMEN to shrink fibroids in the uterus, with dubious results.

    One result duly noted (and personally experienced) is that Lupron will shut off ALL hormones; not just testosterone. It shuts off of them. It's a horror. Women immediately go into chemical menopause — hot flashes, night sweats, emotional rollercoaster, dry (you know where), etc. One can only imagine the long-term effects on both women and men using this drug.

    Anyway, just a quick PSA for anyone who's approached with using this drug; it's food for thought. Were I given the choice with what I know now, there is no way in hell I would have allowed them to shoot me up with it.

  32. Barbra

    I have often healed my body with my mind. I believe in the mind's ability to heal the body.
    That's how Placebos work, after all.

  33. Shunya

    Another comment after reading some 30+ comments:

    Before there were effective pharmaceutical treatments for AIDS, I had the pleasure to meet the brilliant doctor who was the head of the NIH Institute for Infectious Disease, Anthony Fauci during grand rounds at the University of Colorado. He spoke of complementary therapy, and encouraged by this, I asked him what Western Medicine could offer in the way of balancing and harmonizing the immune system (something Chinese medicine is reputed to do). In a very affronted tone, he replied, “Western medicine?!?!? You mean the way WE practice medicine?!?!?!?”

    That night, I put words on what I wished I had been able to say to him. On that day in the 1980s, I wish I had said, “Maybe you have the luxury of practicing only one kind of medicine, but I have AIDS and at this point in time your medicine has nothing that can help me. I don't have the same luxury you do.”

    Twenty-five years later, through a combination of the best that Western and Complementary medicine can offer, faith healing, spiritual practice, diet, exercise, counseling and a whole lot more, I am still here and remarkably healthy. I have seen things that defy explanation. I believe I have watched people die because they refused pharmaceutical treatment that I think would have saved them, and I believe I have watched people die because they refused alternative practices that I think would have saved them.

    Both Dr. Fauci and Dr. Sha have had their roles to play in my own healing journey. I am grateful to them both.

    Thank you, Sara, for introducing a very interesting conversation.

  34. wordwarrior

    In life, one will get out of it what one puts into it. For the skeptics, I guess they would rather die with their belief systems intact.

    I can relate a personal story when in 2005 because of a 6 months lull in my Taichi practice prior to going to China to marry my fiancee, I developed a frozen and very painful shoulder, which my western trained doctor diagnosed as an old person's disease ( I was 66 at the time )and that is something I had to wear as there is no cure.

    In China, I went to a sports institute recommended to me and had a course of acupuncture treatment for 3 months and my shoulder become loose and pliant and I can move and put on a shirt without any problem though some pain persisted. I had several large syringe full of yellow fluid injected into my arm and notice some further improvements though not fully cured.

    After two very painful manipulation of my arm I was fully cured of my problematic shoulder and was taught some very simple exercises (Climbing the wall)and today, I continue having a pain free shoulder.

    Sure, the treatment cost money but was miniscule compared to what I paid at home.

    Had I not taken a chance on alternative TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) I would have been a degenerating cripple now.

    For the skeptics, take it how you will because, you will have to live with your decisions and state of health.

  35. janatd33

    There are naysayers–closed minded skeptics–and there are open minded skeptics. In India there is a saying, “test your water and test your guru.” There are those who would not test, period. All approaches have their rewards and consequences, no?
    Ever since Ed McMahon's Publisher ClearingHouse Sweepstakes guaranteed that I was a finalist to possibly win a million bucks every day for the rest of my life, I've been an advocate for the open minded skeptic position as the most skillful. But I, too, tried acupuncture and found it to help certain conditions– and not others, which coincidentally is what the recent Time magazine with the cover story on chronic pain said that research shows to be so. May we all find what works! Charles

  36. Anonymous

    This is so much bullshit I cannot believe that anybody who has a mind of their own would fall for such goob. If you want to take part in such foolery just watch TV and you will find a flock of so called healers all pretending to have some divine power bestowed upon them by some higher power or some secrets that are only available to them.

  37. Anonymous

    A PSA of 266 is a number that never been seen in the annuals of medicine. The highest documented PSA level was in the high 30s.

    What is PSA? It is Prostate Specific Antigen. If you have a prostate gland it is always producing PSA. When the prostate is removed the PSA level drops to zero. The amount of PSA is directly proportional to the size of the prostate gland. The bigger the gland the more PSA it puts out, simply as that. It is no way causes cancer, nor does it feed the cancer, is a marker that is used to determine the size of the prostate. The trick is to figure out why it is enlarged, cancer is certainly one of these causes but in no way is the only possible choice. Most enlarged prostates are classified as BPH, Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia, a medical term for enlarged prostate. Normal PSA is 0-4, but a number lower than 4 does not preclude the absence of cancer. PSA has to be used along with other methods of testing mainly digital exams then ultra-sound and finally biopsy. The digital exam is an extremely good method to determine if the next steps are necessary. Besides using the PSA test to determine the size of the prostate the doctor is able to determine other factors such as firmness, surface irregularities, both sides of the prostate are equal in size etc. etc.

  38. Anonymous

    I have been tracking an elevated PSA level since 1997 when my annual physical with my family doctor included a PSA test. It was 8.8, normal range is 0-4, obviously I was twice the highest normal number. I was then referred to a urologist who I have been going to every 3-4-6 months since 1997. My PSA has ranged from the 8.8 to a high of 14.7 and many points between those numbers. During each visit besides the PSA blood test I have had at least a digital exam, sometimes ultra sound, and three biopsies. The first two of these biopsies came back clear. The last one in December 2010 came back with five out of the twelve samples taken had cancerous cells. I then had a nuclear medicine bone scan and a soft tissue MRI to see if the cancer was contained in the prostate or had spread. Fortunately both scans were clear, meaning that the cancer was encapsulated in the prostate. At that point I was given options by my urologist. I could do nothing right away but keep tracking it and see how it progresses. Prostate cancer is an extremely slow growing form of cancer,if discovered early enough, as mine was there is no need to rush into any decision about treatment. The second option was to have radiation treatment. After talking to the radiologist and learning of the side effects, length of treatment, etc etc. I decided not to have radiation. I then talked to the surgeon in the group who is trained in robotic surgery. I decided that surgery was best for me. The side effects are minimal, if at all. The operation is only a few hours long. There is no loss of blood. You are sent home the next day. Normal recoup time is two weeks. I have about a four inch incision which they don't even staple or stitch, they glue it together with DermaBond, which dissolves in a few weeks. The best part though is that the cancerous organ is no longer in your body which it would have been if I had chosen radiation treatment.

    I highly recommend that men over 50 have a PSA test done on annual basis and if elevated find a good urologist like I did.

  39. Amy

    My husband has ALS and I have searched the world for someone to help. We’ve participated in several energy healing events with no real change we can notice. Travel is difficult and expensive.
    I truly believe there is something to this energy work, my husband does not. Considering the medical doctors have a 100% fail rate at curing ALS I am willing to take a chance on another.
    Master Sha makes me laugh and I do so enjoy his process. I would love to believe he can make the difference in our diagnosis.
    I can’t seem to catch up with Master Sha. We are from Dallas. How do we get a healing?

    1. Sara Post author

      Hi Amy,
      I am so sorry you and your husband are going through this challenge. My friend, John Chitty, had an extraordinary healing with Dr. Sha, but I know others who have had no benefit from his treatment, and have spent a lot of money. Your best way to get a healing is to attend one of his lectures or workshops. You can check his calendar at
      He has one beginning Nov 30 in Toronto if you wanted to fly there. In December he’s in India. They don’t seem to have posted his schedule yet for the new year.
      You could also email his assistant, Cynthia Deveraux,
      I hope you can make the most out of every day you have with your husband. Warm wishes,Sara

      1. Amy

        Thank you so very much for your help. I have been interested in the energy healing world for a very long time. Maybe in some strange way I was being prepared for this journey. I have been a hypnotist since 1994 and have seen and helped create some amazing changes. The power of the mind can create magic. The mind is not the brain. The question of Soul and Mind and Body and how they work together to create healing is a devilishly elusive thing. Many people say faith healing is just hypnosis. Some people say hypnosis is just an avenue to move the conscious out of the way in order to get in touch with the subconscious which some believe is where the soul communicates. Then what of those who heal spontaneously who are agnostic or have no connection with the spirit? Why can Master Sha create miracles in some and not others. Is that where personal responsibility comes in. So much to learn. I hope we have the time to gain the knowledge we need.
        I have been in touch with some of Master Sha’s groups.
        I will keep you posted on any success we may have in case you would like to “repost” this subject.
        Thank you.

  40. januscatinhat

    What a good objective report. Thank you for that up-close and personal review of Dr. Sha’s actual seminar work. I am now reading his book and hope to read them all, and would like to attend sessions as time and circumstances permit. It is true that some money should be provided for his time and extensive effort. And likely true we can each heal ourselves as well. With a lot more money I could save time and my own extensive effort by having Dr. Sha heal me, but do know we are each expected to know how to heal ourselves at some point in time. No short cuts to real learning experience. Thanks again for this report.

  41. Cherie

    Thank you for your insights. My personal feelings are that anyone that has a gift, such as Dr. Sha appears to have, if this person is charging large sums then they are not truly doing spiritual work. Taking a donation is fine, but requesting hundreds or thousands of dollars goes against the principals of all things. The flowers give us their beauty and charge us nothing, likewise, we should all be willing to help one another for the sake of loving our fellow spirits. With that being said – I am highly skeptical of anyone that charges large sums to provide their gifts or knowledge to others.

  42. zdenek tusek

    Very interesting treatment stories.Me and my wife met Dr.Sha several years ago during yoga conference at Philadelphia,he was treating my wife and several other people from back pain and it worked almost immediately.
    I am wondering whether he is also helping to the people with psychological problems.Thank you.
    Zdenek A.Tusek,M.D.

  43. marzena preis

    Dear everyone, you must truly know someone to say anything about Him or Her…Master Sha is a Beautiful Soul who is full of Light and Love. He has helped may many people including me and many members of my family. Which includes my animal friends (and no, we can not teach them to pretend to heal when they are sick and recover from a very acute problem after the Blessings form Master Sha….My horse Foxy should not be here now as she foundered very badly and now fully recovered. She is 23… Now healthy and full of life…. I had to quit all of her medications as nothing was helping her any more….her body did not respond to pergolite or bute any more…. i was deeply sad and almost put her down….But She fully recovered….Even to my amazement….).

    Many people question the honor fees asked by Master Sha, Yes… But people forget that the ancient wisdom of many sages tell us that Everything is an energy and we Must give something of ourselves to complete the circle of healing and Gratitude…We must give something of ourselves to learn no attachment and to show the Reverence….It does not have to be money, it can be help and service to each other…Many Masters Teach that, not just Master Sha. and yes Master Sha does a lot for free for many many people……..If i am wrong in my conclusion i know my soul will tell me one day…but in a meantime i decided to give it a chance as i love the feeling of an opened heart (which i had not felt that much before…..) so this is enough for me…Thank you…

    1. Shine

      Marzena – If Sha can really heal as you claim, why is he not going to cancer wards in children’s hospitals? Why is it that he targets wealthy boomers as his major clients? Your husband makes decent coin as a dentist and you guys have a nice sized piece of property in a very expensive area. This would explain the special attention you receive from Sha. And if he is such a great healer, why does the guy still wear glasses?

  44. Mark

    What needs to be acknowledged is how many of Master Sha’s inner circle who have died despite his blessings. Kevin Iams, Michael Steven, & GK Khoe were as close to Sha as you can get in his organization. If he wasn’t able to save the people he is closest to, how do believe that he can help others?

  45. jusme

    I’m confident that the healthy lifestyle, decreased testosterone and positive thought helped the man in the first scenario. The second story lacks data, and an MRI is not radiation, it’s magnetism…. That said, I do believe the mind and nutrition are the most powerful healing tools.

  46. k en johnson

    I consider myself to be an open minded Christian,. Not ankered on any specific dogma, but if Jesus was here, I wonder what His take on this would be? JESUS NEVER CHARGED ANYONE DID HE..

  47. Michael

    Reminds me of Japanese Mahikari cult that was very big once and I believe is still going.

    At least he does mention some Chinese Buddhist mantras in his books such as Na Mo A Mi Tau Fo and prayers to Kwan Yin which may be beneficial. His books may be a good insight into Chinese metaphysical thought and speculation which surely beats most mundane activity. I used to attend Pure Land Buddhist Temple in Dixon St., Chinatown in Sydney before it burnt down so am attracted to this.

    May all beings be happy.

    1. hela

      I am attracted to Dr Sha’s teachings and energy healings. I do have a gut feeling that he is honest and sincere..there is a purity and childlikeness that emanates from him. It seems that healing is a mystery..not everyone gets healed even though people go through the same process.
      It seems there is a complexity in healing. I wish that there was a healer that healed EVERYBODY. It would be such a relief. However Jesus sometimes could not heal due to unbelief!
      It seems to be the right person meeting the right person at the right time. There seems to be readiness of the student needed. I do wonder about the high prices too…but remember a healer once telling me that paying for a healing is necessary for the person…not so much for the healer. At the same time, Sha does have an organization to upkeep and if there is the possibility to reach more people with these new technologies maybe that is valid. Who knows if Jesus would have used these techniques to reach people…with him we are looking at a totally different era. I am always looking for results…so many people have had heart opening experiences as well as physical healings….I like the idea of purity and compassion and the soul being emphasized and the idea of love peace and harmony being an objective.
      I have been trying the five elements practices and soul houses following the utube of Dr Sha and five elements teaching. I must say I feel better…but nothing to prove any great healing. I think that there is so much that is negative today…let us not fuss too much about a fervent man with genuine objectives and also many healings to show. I will keep on doing the exercises and “Taste,” as Dr Sha says, to see if the pear is sweet.”
      I DO wish he would heal everybody but remember Sai Baba…who I am not a devotee of saying that he could not heal everyones sicknesses because they still needed it for learning.
      At least Mary Baker Eddy in Christian Science didnt put any limits on people…but even there, there seems always to be a percentage of people who heal and some just dont? Is that where belief comes in?
      The whole thing is quite a conundrum but deep down believe that people…all people should be able to be healed.

      1. Richard

        Master Sha is a scammer, plain and simple. First he claims that he can for bunch of money to rid you of your karma – which is a nonsense, if you understand at least little bit of how spiritual things work, Than he makes healing claims, which do not happen and takes also tons of money. Including myself i know three people, who got zero results from his alleged healing.

        Than h makes preposterous claims of getting rid of so many millions of negative souls from you. Same scam is perpetrated by his so called masters including Peter Hudoba.

        His teachings include bits and pieces of truth, which is to be expected. I would even suggest that he is working for evil forces – takes lots of money from people who do not have them.

        Also is ripping of people who are helping him when he decides, that he cannot exploit them any more working for him for free.

        Probably even CRA might be interested in him after he rakes in large amounts of money, he allegedly sends out right away from Canada.


  48. carol webster

    Can you tell me the date of this article? Are there any later articles or followups on the people mentioned in this article. Seems like (as the comments are 2011) it was done around 2011. It is now 2015 and I wonder if there is a more updated article. Thanks.

    1. Lifeisgood

      I am new to this thing… I bought his book which is on sale and have read it. I only wonder why some people get healed even if we know he charged them with fee.

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  50. Jan roberts

    so what’s the follow up since you wrote this? what has happened to John Chitty with the metasticized prostate cancer an what has happened to your sister with the multi nodular goitre. By the way MRI produces no radiation so I don’t know why she didn’t have an MRI after seeing Dr Sha . Something is not right there… Even if you say you don’t know where John Chitty is I am pretty sure you can find your sister.

    1. Rachel Lamb

      MRIs do not produce ionizing radiation, most commonly known to cause cancer; though they do still produce radiation. High radio frequencies and superconducting magnetic fields cause MRIs to interact with every atom in the body. The magnetic field generated by a MRI is 1.5 MILLION TIMES stronger than that of a power line. Think about it.

      1. Tara S.

        There is an article published in April 2015 by Rick Ross of the Cult Education forum about Sha entitled ” Wh is Zhi Gang Sha.”. The article and comments may be very helpful to people disturbed or curious about him. Google the article title and be sure to choose the one from the forum.

  51. Vanessa AmatyLeon

    Thank you so much for this post, Sara. I myself did not want to do anything with Dr. and Master Sha for 7 years. Your doubts and skepticism that you mentioned were on my mind constantly. I kept thinking “why would he charge when this should be for free?”. After 7 years I encountered a major problem in my body: frozen shoulder. I could not do anything (taking a shower, getting dressed – it would take me a looong time) and had exhausted all the common alternatives: chiropractor, massage therapy, physio, you name it I did it. As I had been always intrigued by Master Sha, I approached one of his Masters in Vancouver, BC: Master Thai Siew Liang and to make a long story short, I received blessings and committed to learn more about his techniques. Within days my shoulder started feeling a lot better. I could lift my arm after a few blessings and techniques I applied myself. For the first time I attended a 5 day workshop when Master Sha came to Vancouver. The first and second day were kind of painful as I kept thinking: “me in a “mass faith healing”. Third day I became more interested, 4th and 5th day I felt transformed. Like blockages in my mind had gone and could understand everything he was teaching much much better. The fact he would charge for a faster Karma Cleansing was not an issue anymore and if I could not afford it at the moment, I could do it myself (slowly). I attend the classes/events as much as I can. Master Sha offers lots of free blessings. When that happens I am there. My love for Master Sha has grown in ways I cannot explain. It pains my heart to see so many negative comments about him on the Internet. I cannot believe I was one of them too. With that in mind I keep thinking of a saying many masters in the world say “when the student is ready, the teacher will appear” Love you everyone!

  52. Dez

    Good day, may i know where is Dr. Sha’s clinic? How to consult/ visit him for treatment.
    Hope to receive reply soon. Ty.

  53. Mark

    Before getting involved with Sha, look at how many members of his inner circle have died in the last few years. If anyone was going to be cured by this, it would have been these people. Also, if he is able to cure ailments, then why does he still wear glasses? Finally, if is he is such a powerful and beneficent person, why isn’t he going around to children’s hospitals and curing all of the terminally ill children? I would be very distrustful. I would also recommend reading:

  54. Human

    Taking advantage of people when there vulnerable – that’s all this guy is doing — Snake oil people – people, poor people stop taking medications or continuing treatments from there doctors because of this Garbage – people follow his Personality cult and abandoned there family’s — And he is corrupting Tao not True Tao

    1. Could be anyone

      This experiencer had years of intensive internet and phone experience with Sha’s people and faux “services” some years ago during a serious illness, and my experiences were terrible; nothing worked. Search the cult, scam and fraud forums, do your research and take action and spread the word of the findings if they validate your experiences with this very dark cult. There was nothing online if memory serves when first encountering the group/s. Some Grace, prayer, observation, hard work and critical thinking got me out of there. I witnessed some of the online trainings, including the “saving of Hawaii,” the Atlanta Unity Church embarrassment, some of the damages and deaths of top brain-washed folks, especially the great tragedy with brain surgeon Dr. Peter Hudoba, through the internet. That tragedy has some parallels with the entanglement of author Peter McWilliams with cult leader par excellence John-Roger Hinkins, founder of MSIA/Insight Trainings/University of Santa Monica, etc. (See Life 102: What to Do When Your Guru Sues You.)

      The excuses for the destroyers’ enablers usually involve freedom of expression, claims of good done, etc. The first proviso of all healing is always ignored: “First, do no harm.” The ethic-less will always find some way around that basic rule and will often use the easily-recognized sociopaths’ techniques and twisted rationales for their behaviors; most often the reporters of abuses will be attacked and undermined, even with thinly-disguised “blessings” and “forgiveness.”

      Only seriously ignorant or ethically-challenged New Age-type neophytes (East or West) without true in-depth spiritual experience (say, at least five decades of working through the “dark night of the soul” and transcending/including that into life experience) will access and use any Sha material, some small part of which may have been appropriated from allegedly pure sources like Guo’s. The darkness that runs through alleged “spiritual” groups at this time is insidiously subtle and epidemic. (Just witness the ancient and ongoing s-storm surrounding the Boulder-based Integral Institute-related entanglement with defrocked rabbi and admitted abuser Marc Gafni. Their overall, sheep-like refusal to take a stance for ethics in the Gafni matter — see Andrew Harvey’s incisive podcast regarding this — has seriously compromised Integral Institute’s reputation. Now Elder Barbara Marx Hubbard’s entire life mission and reputation for integrity is at stake because he may have hooked her vulnerable, unintegrated Shadow by continuing to promote Gafni.) — Just as Sha and his tragic minions may have hooked the unintegrated Shadow side, funds, and mental health of thousands of vulnerable, struggling, ill people. Not many escape when they get in too deep. These cult involvements destroy families, kids, lives, productivity and sovereign Soul growth. Any “spiritual” person who has not done serious ongoing Shadow integration work and become expert in recognizing and avoiding cult dynamics and remaining safe from same is in serious danger of false Light bondage to the dark side. As Divinely Appropriate may all Souls be sovereign, free, happy, and of Service to Others and break free of all spiritual bondage for all time.

  55. Paul Fletcher offers 24 hours a day of complimentary healing and wisdom. More information can be found at No on is asked to believe, They are simply given the opportunity to remove suffering faster. It is not easy to be an authentic Divine Messenger …. Regardless of how soft or hard a message is delivered it will be filtered through the limiting knowledge, awareness and mindsets of the receiver and therefore the ego of the receiver is involved. It is the ego’s need to be right or to comprehend instead of to accept as a possibility free of understanding that inhibits the receiver of the message to comprehend the value of the message.

    As with all things hind site is 20/20 and the one known as Master Sha will be honored and recognized as an authentic messenger (one of many that humanity has been blessed to witness) but like those that preceded him they too were stoned, and slandered. A true messenger forgives and maintains the same message. The Love Peace Harmony Movement is one action of this Master. Soul Mind Body Science (and the grand unification theory (aligning science and spirituality is another) Soul over matter (aligning financial understanding with the nature of heavens natural abundance and the message to give as a predecessor to receiving.

    These are just a few of the Messages this humble yet confidant Divine Messenger is honored to bring to humanity. Please do yourself a favor and become informed. first hand—not third hand. Ask better questions when it comes to the money… Do you think a hotel conference room is free? How to you awaken the world if you cannot travel from one place to the next… To leave a brief uneducated comment without due diligence only speaks to the need to justify the ego as if it was the end all of everything. Wisdom is attained only through awareness. Awareness is attained through an open heart… This is the core of his teachings. Master Sha is by far the most benevolent being on the planet today. How do I know? I took the time to do what i am suggesting to all that read this.

  56. Mark

    All that he has managed to do is drive my parents into poverty as they give more and more money to him. His practice disgusts me.

  57. Sarah

    We are incredible intelligent beings. If we believe, we receive. The majority of the time we are in unconscious mode thinking ourselves into chaos. Our Body, Mind and Soul require equal attention in order for us to be “healthy”. The mind is the driving force which collects (believes) the new knowledge and lets go of the false beliefs we have accumulated over time and which ( if negative), will create an illness, of Mind, Body or Soul. We need to research our own ancient cultural teachings as we will find, they fall in line with the majority of Dr Sha’s teachings.

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