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I’m sitting in the president’s office at Fox Broadcasting to pitch a drama series inspired by Leap! There are four of us trying to sell this project: Goldie Hawn, Marta Kauffman, Nancy Josephson and me.

“What good is jewelry sitting in the box?”

Goldie, who will act in and produce the series, draws all eyes. True to name, she glows, she sparkles, and makes you want to smile. She’s wearing a strapless, rose-colored summer dress that wafts just below her knees, and a necklace with diamonds so large I think at first they’re fake. The necklace, made of uncut diamonds as big as nickels, is an antique from the Raj period which Goldie bought in India. “I’ve decided to wear my jewelry,” she’d said before the pitch. “What’s the point of it sitting in the box?”

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