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Better than an Orgasm?

Gloria Steinem said not long ago, “At this age, remembering something is better than having an orgasm.” I get it. You try and try, then you stop trying, you think about the weather, you forget the whole thing and then, out of nowhere, bam! Here it somes. The name or word you couldn’t remember.

But how do you know if you’ve just had an age-related memory slip or if Alzheimer’s is knocking at your door?

For me, the alarm went off when I received an email from a woman whose name I did not recognize. “Hey,” she wrote, “I’m coming to Denver Friday for the state Democratic convention.” She asked if we could have dinner and could she possibly stay at my house?

Her name was vaguely familiar but I couldn’t pull up any associations. I went through the people I know who’re active in politics — nothing. I googled the woman, even saw a picture of her and still couldn’t place her. Either she knew me well enough to invite herself to stay at my home or she had outrageous chutzpah.

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