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Part 20 – Love in the Time of Viagra

This is a serial about love and awakening. Previously: After many weeks of no sex with Billy, I decide I’m ready. To see all posts in chronological order, Click Here.

What’s it like to go for AIDS tests at a public clinic when you’re over 50? We’re about to see. I know that I’m clean, and Billy believes he is, but I don’t trust that because he’s had unprotected sex with two other women since his divorce. If I’m asking him to get tested, it seems only fair that we both do it together.

As we drive to the County Health Department, Billy asks why the test will take an hour. I say they’ll probably ask questions and try to educate us about safe sex.

“What! I’m not going to answer personal questions,” he says.

Please don’t be rude, I say, nervous, knowing Billy can be a wild card.

“I’ll tell them I’m just there for the test. That’s it.”

We’re the oldest people in the waiting room—by decades. They give us forms, asking for name, address, phone and social security number. That stops me. “I thought the test was anonymous.”

The attendant, Sheree, says, “It’s confidential, but not anonymous—where you just have a number. No one does that kind of testing in this area.”

I glance at Billy. He wanted anonymity for insurance reasons. “Are you OK with this?”

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