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Part 24 – Goodby Billy, Hello Love

This is a serial about love and awakening. Previously: After a great trip with Billy on Cape Cod, I went to a retreat and he went to buy property. To see all posts in chronological order, Click Here.

His car’s not here. I ring the bell at his massive front door. No answer. I try calling Billy on his cell but it goes straight to voice mail.

What the…? I’d called him from the road, saying I’d be at his place in 30 minutes. We haven’t seen each other since we parted in Massachusetts, and I thought he’d be champing at the bit.

I pace for a while and call again. No answer. Should I drive home, wait? How long?

Twenty minutes later, he drives up, saying he took his car to be washed.

As he fixes us drinks, he tells me he found two properties on the Cape that he’s bidding on. “I’m going back in a few weeks.”

I’d love to see them, I say.

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